October 22, 2018  » 

Greek version of the site have been added.

  October 16, 2018  » 

Spanish version of the site have been added.

  October 15, 2018  » 

Autonomous calculator can now calculate surebets with number outcomes up to 10.
Updates of bookmaker Leon accelerated several times.
Links to Bet365 have been improved, now bets add to betslip.

  October 03, 2018  » 

Resumed processing of 18bet

  September 28, 2018  » 

MyBet filed for insolvency and stopped to offer sportsbook

  September 28, 2018  » 

Improved processing of PokerStars

  September 26, 2018  » 

New bookmaker Bet On Aces has been added.

  September 13, 2018  » 

Portugal version of the site have been added.

  August 20, 2018  » 

New bookmakers fairplay.kz and finbet.kz have been added.

  August 15, 2018  » 

Improved 12bet processing. Restored work with coral after it redesign. Fixed links to betcity.

  July 23, 2018  » 

Fixed bodog after design change. An additional provider of card payments has been added to the site. The Hungarian Forint has been added to the calculator.

  June 28, 2018  » 

Today, from 10:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC, customers had problems with access to the service. We apologize for the inconvenience, one day added for free for all accounts.

  June 20, 2018  » 

Quick event search added

For search for an event, enter any part of the name in the input at the top right and press Enter or Filter button:

Surebets (middles, valuebets) will be displayed if at least one team from the event matches at least one bookmaker (not necessarily included in this surebet).

If the query contains the word tournament: then the text after it will be used to search by tournament name, for example:

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  June 07, 2018  » 

Troubles with access to our site from some countries are fixed.

  May 25, 2018  » 

Fixed bugs in sbobet for odds like: Which team will move to the next round (previously name of tournament was not analysed).

Fixed bugs in betclic:

  1. The Exact Goals bets were incorrectly extracted as handicaps
  2. Added correct extraction of the type of @Double Chance & Over / Under @ (before part was not extracted, and part was extracted with an error)
  May 14, 2018  » 

Yesterday in the second half of the day about 6 hours surebets work was unstable. We apologize for the inconvenience, one free day added for all customers.